Room Service Menu

Breakfast (serving 7:30-11:00 am)

Spinach Salad

avocado, strawberry, poppy seeds, mustard and honey sauce

₴ 350

mango, cucumber, tomato, mint, mango sauce

₴ 280
Eggs Benedict

brioche, bacon or salmon gravlax, hollandaise sause

₴ 420
Scrambled Eggs

bacon or salmon gravlax, salads mix, cherry tomato, gribiche sauce

₴ 490

stracciatella di bufala, broccoli, balsamic cream

₴ 420
Fried Eggs

sausages, fried tomatoes and mushrooms, salads mix, cherry tomato

₴ 420
Turkey Pastrami

poached eggs, stewed potatoes, cherry tomato

₴ 420
Cheese and Rice

parmesan mousse, yolk, truffle oil

₴ 280
Classic Croissant

butter, jam

₴ 190
Croissant with Fried Egg

bacon, cheddar cheese

₴ 280
Shrimp Tarte

fried egg, zucchini, salads mix, tomato jam, tom yum sauce

₴ 450
Oat Porridge

coconut milk, almond flakes, berries

₴ 220

homemade yoghurt

₴ 220
Cottage Cheese Pancakes (Syrnyky)

almond flakes, berries, buffalo ryazhanka (baked fermented milk) mousse

₴ 320
Varenyky Linyvi (Easy Cooked)

yoghurt, cherry, estragon oil

₴ 320
Baked Pancakes

ricotta, coconut milk, mango puree, berries

₴ 350
French Toast

mascarpone, berries, almond flakes

₴ 250
Chia Pudding

coconut milk, mango puree, berries, mint

₴ 230

Main Menu (serving 12:00-23:00)

Tastes of the world

Ukrainian Appetaizers Collection

classic lard, lard with meat, lard cream, pickles, horseradish cream, mustard

₴ 450
Veal Tongue

mashed potatos, asparagus, cucmber, white horseradish sauce

₴ 530
Sturgeon Caviar

potato, pancakes, sour cream sauce

₴ 4900
Tataki Wagyu

cilantro, chili, ginger root, ponzu sause

₴ 2550
Beef Tartare

caper, egg yolk, parmesan cream, truffle sauce

₴ 460
Dry Age Beef Carpaccio

truffle cream cheese, rocket salad, parmesan, truffle oil

₴ 1190
Foie Gras

brioche, strawberry, forest berry sauce

₴ 690
Rabbit Capunet

savoy cabbаge, cep, mushroom's demiglas, creamy sause

₴ 530
Brioche Lobster Roll

guacamole, kim chi sause

₴ 1850
Shrimps Carpaccio

avocado, cherry tomatо, yuzu gel

₴ 480
Salmon Seviche

scallop, mango, chili, cilantro, seviche sause

₴ 590
Tuna Tartare

avocado, truffle, ponzu sauce

₴ 870
Seabass Seviche

avocado, yuzu dressing

₴ 690
Octopus Tentacle

potato, cherry tomato, zucchini, butterfly pea gel, wine and lemon sauce

₴ 990
Prawn Popcorn

ponzu sauce

₴ 490
Burrata di Bufala

caramelized bacon, sicilian orange, cilantro butter

₴ 690
Grilled Brie

grilled grape, fried caper, berries, raspberry sauce

₴ 650
Fried Eggplant

straccitella, walnut mousse, prune syrop

₴ 410


Olivier Salad

quail, boiled vegetables, mayonnaise

₴ 480
Vegetable Salad

bell pepper, cucumber, cherry tomato, radish, cabbage, salads mix, pumpkin seed oil

₴ 280
Steak Salad

beef PRIME (USA), salads mix, pickled radish, horseradish sauce

₴ 1250
Beef & Beef Salad

beef tomato, shiitake, onion, cream balsamic, olive oil

₴ 530
Salad with Guinea Fowl

romaine, lemon crumb, buffalo ryazhanka (baked fermented milk) mousse

₴ 750
Fresh Salad with Unagi Duck

chard leaves, spinach, soybean sprouts, nut sauce with cashew

₴ 490
King Crab Salad

red caviar, mango, mayonnaise

₴ 1950
Seafood Salad

scallop, octopus, mussel, shrimp, salads mix, mango sauce

₴ 1150
Burned Tuna Salad

pickled daikon, ham jellу, peanut sause

₴ 760
Buche de Chevre Goat Cheese Salad

caramel pear, strawberry, salads mix, pistachios, raspberry sauce

₴ 550
Green Salad

asparagus, edamame beans, cucumber, avocado, salads mix, walnut, nutmeg, citrus minty sauce

₴ 420


* serves with French Fries and Homemade Ketchup

Turkey Pastrami Sandwich
₴ 450
Sandwich with Salmon and Avocado
₴ 450
Beef Burger
₴ 580

World Classic

Fillet Mignon (Ukraine)

smoked broccoli puree, king oyster mushroom, hazelnut and foie gras sauce

₴ 930
Chicken Kyiv

potato cream with dijon mustard, tomato confiture

₴ 490

ceps, chanterelle mousse, truffle oil, sour cream

₴ 460
Rib Eye Steak (Wagyu, Australia, Marbling 9)

potato, bell pepper, zucchini, wine and berry sauce

₴ 6900
Steak New York (Prime, USA)

сelery puree, aged port wine sauce

₴ 3450
Rack of Lamb (New Zealand)

aubergine in sweet and sour sauce, bell pepper, blackberry sauce

₴ 1750
Pekin Duck Confit

parsnip root puree, poppy seeds

₴ 720
Black Cod

pak choi, miso

₴ 1560
Chilean Sea Bass

zucchini, prawn cream

₴ 1650
Sea Bream

potato, olive, cherry tomato, caper, snow peas, olive and anchovy souce

₴ 890
Norwegian Salmon Sous Vide

parmesan blue rise, pak choi, mango gel, bergamot gel

₴ 950
Fishes and Shrimp Medallions

mashed potatoes with wasabi, creamy and lemongrass sauce

₴ 740

sea bass, shrimp, spinach, philadelphia, creamy sauce

₴ 630
Seafood Risotto

scallop, octopus tentacles, shrimp, squid, bisque sauce

₴ 930

cherry tomato, mushroom, tomato and sesame sauce, cauliflower sauce

₴ 490


Kyiv Cake ₴ 350
Berries with Mascarpone Cream ₴ 350
Chocolate Passion Fruit ₴ 350
Mandarine Mousse ₴ 350

Dial 11 to place your order. Room service is provided according to the current schedule of the restaurant. The cost of room service is 100 UAH per order